Welcome to Tragethon Teknikk AS, your supplier of advanced programming services.

Tragethon Teknikk AS focus on programming and development of PLCs, HMIs, micro controllers and Computer/Web based.

We work with the latest in technology, the most user friendly solutions and the most open technologies in the market. Our goal is to deliver open systems designed to be user friendly both in design, modification and operation.

We primarily work with integrators and suppliers, but on a case to case basis we also deliver solutions directly to end customers.

Depending on your needs we can work on an hourly basis, or a total price for any project. We focus on efficiency in the development process and the finished solution/product. We are able to help with small or large projects, either on an hourly based fee, or a total amount agreed upon before development starts.

If you are interested in prototyping, please don't hesitate to contact us. We invest time and resources in prototyping. If desired we can deliver projects with a royalty fee to reduce the risk of spending unnecessary money during the initial phase. As a result, you can lower your expenses, and pay for our services when your product makes success! We are highly flexible and can meet your request with a solution oriented mind!